“Methods” describes the process used to collect and analyse information to
understand a topic or issue. It generally involves these steps:
1. Identify the issue
2. Review the literature
3. Collect data
4. Analyse the data
5. Evaluate
6. Present an answer
7. Possibly make a recommendation

Appropriate methods involve a regular and systematic way of accomplishing

All too often, people find themselves using a particular method “because we have
always done it that way”. A third-party analysis can add a new dimension,
possibly making a solution easier and/or less expensive.

Systems analysis involves methods both in its approach and as its focus.

A methodical approach can be applied to the delivery of services at a macro scale,
or when baking a cake or assembling an IKEA table.

A methodical approach enables planning the use of resources (time, money and
environmental resources) in a cost-effective manner.

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